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In praise of inflation targeting Eric Crampton Dec 21

The New York Times celebrates 25 years of the Kiwi Inflation Targeting Technology.
Sometimes, decisions that shape the world’s economic future are made with great pomp and gain widespread attention. other times, they are made through a quick, unanimous vote by members of the New Zealand Parliament who were eager to get home for Christmas.
That is what happened 25 years ago this Sunday, when New Zealand became the first country to set a formal target for how much prices should rise each year – zero to 2 percent in its initial action. The practice was so successful in making the high …

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A year in the life of Earth’s CO2

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“By not considering estuaries when limits for freshwater water quality are being determined, are we in danger of finding, years from now, that those limits are failing to deliver healthy estuaries?”

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Top ten weirdest science stories of 2014 Peter Griffin Dec 19

It was another big year for science capped off with the successful Rosetta mission to land a probe on a comet. But as usual there were also plenty of quirky …

The gender wage gap and hours worked Eric Crampton Dec 19

From my piece with Bryce Wilkinson in last week’s National Business Review: Suppose a management consultant pulled you aside and said “Hey have I got a deal for you. With …

What do chickens astronauts and St Anthony’s Fire have in common? Varicella policy at odds with science Helen Petousis Harris Dec 18

I have just listened to an excellent series of interviews on Radio NZ about the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine. NZ does not fund this vaccine for all children although over the …

The inverted ethics of doxxing? Ken Perrott Dec 18

Came across this word “doxxing” lately. According to Wikipedia it refers to “the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting personally identifiable information about an individual.” My introduction to this new …

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