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Of Ivory, Gold and Silver Brendan Moyle Mar 03

It is a persistent problem with the illegal ivory market, is we don’t have actual records of how much is being sold.  It is difficult to determine what the size of the market for carvings, what proportion are new carvings from recently poached ivory, what percentage are fake ivory, and what percentage is older carvings being resold.  One thing our recent paper on ivory laundering in Chinese factories discovered, is that there is a correlation between ivory sales, and sales of ‘gold, silver and jewelry’ in China.  In some ways this is not a surprise.  Some factories produce a range …

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The Drones and the volcano

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“Extinction pressure is not falling on polar bears in the way it is hitting the scaly creatures. The gharial in India has just had their tenuous population of 1000 animals, fall by 10% in one year.”

Brendan Moyle  Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

Open letter to Lisa Hansen on NZ Fluoridation Review Ken Perrott Mar 03

Dear Lisa There are mistakes and misinterpretations of the scientific literature in your recent open letter to Sir Peter Gluckman and Sir David Skeggs. The letter also misrepresents the NZ Fluoridation Review (Eason …

GDP in three different charts jamesz Mar 03

Flipchart Rick has a post up about Andy Haldane’s speech the other day and like all Haldane’s work it’s witty and engaging so you should definitely read it. The subject …

The arrow of time Marcus Wilson Mar 02

Benjamin is now two-and-two-thirds or near enough. As ever his grasp of physics continues to improve.  In the last few weeks he has been picking up the idea of …

4 years on Eric Crampton Mar 02

Here’s me at The NBR on Christchurch 4 years on from February 2011. The government rightly took a lot of criticism for its initial attempts to artificially restrict downtown land …

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