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The Kiwi innovation space is starting to look awfully crowded Peter Kerr Apr 16

Is it just me, or is the innovation/commercialisation space looking awfully crowded and confused these days?
Sure, we like to think we’re (NZ Inc) inventive and entrepreneurial.
But there seem to be more entities out there offering innovation (and I shudder to use the term) advice, funding and connections than there are companies with good ideas.
Wearing my taxpayer’s hat, I have no problem when private money puts their proverbial on the line and takes a punt on a startup or early stage company being the next big market success.
Therefore the angel investor community, private equity companies and even family, friends and fools …

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Things to do with a particle accelerator

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“Extinction pressure is not falling on polar bears in the way it is hitting the scaly creatures. The gharial in India has just had their tenuous population of 1000 animals, fall by 10% in one year.”

Brendan Moyle  Chthonic Wildlife Ramblings

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I think one of the challenges to travel photography is finding ways to capture the feel of a place.  The reason this becomes a challenge is that often the …

The first victim! Ken Perrott Apr 16

It is well established that the first victim in war is truth. Mind you the dispatch of truth usually comes well before the shooting starts. I have a personal interest …

Bad economics and contemptible politics Donal Apr 16

It’s election year so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that according to (for example) the Herald’s account there’s a “Rethink on foreign home-buying” underway with various parties suggesting monitoring …

Nominalism Eric Crampton Apr 16

An Eleanor by any other name might be as smart but would have worse odds of winding up at Oxford. A snippet from Greg Clark’s work on names and surnames:* …

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