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Friday melts, weird weather and whales (it’s been a long time…) Gareth Renowden Aug 22

It’s been a long time since my last post: apologies for that. You may blame a bad cold, an urgent need for root canal work, the peak of the truffle season (and truffle tours for culinary heroes1 ), the start of pruning and political distractions for the drop off in activity here. Normal service should resume in the near future, but meanwhile here are a few of the things that have caught my eye over the last week or two. You may therefore consider this an open thread – and given what follows, somewhat more open than usual…
The political …

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Rare footage of tuatara hatching

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“Having big (or small ideas) is one step. What really starts to excite people, as Elon Musk has demonstrated, is when you give them a plan of how it could work.”

Robert Hickson Ariadne

A nice send-off Eric Crampton Aug 22

Philip Matthews at The Press gave me a nice send-off in the weekend Mainlander section. On the first day of his last week in Christchurch economist Eric Crampton perches on …

Review finds community water fluoridation safe and effective Ken Perrott Aug 22

A press release from the Royal Society of NZ today. I think the “take home message is: “The panel concluded that the concerns raised by those opposed to fluoridation are …

Gluten-free, but don’t tell anybody Eric Crampton Aug 22

While most of the anti-gluten seems badly overhyped there are some people for whom gluten poses substantial dietary risk. They need to know if a product has gluten in it. …

A flurry of Antarctic scientists Victoria Metcalf Aug 22

For those of you living in Auckland New Zealand happily going about your daily lives you might be blissfully unaware that approximately 1000 Antarctic scientists are currently beginning to infiltrate …

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