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Let’s take in more talent from overseas – and quickly Donal Curtin Nov 28

The latest net migration figures got a fair amount of media airtime, and even though a fair slab of it was on the invidious “aren’t we doing better than Australia” track, the numbers were still pretty impressive – we had the biggest ever annual level of net immigration in the October ’14 year (+47,700), beating the previous records set in the August ’14 year (+43,500) and the May ’03 year (+42,500). Net immigration is running at over four times its annual average over the past 20 years (+11,700). If you’re interested in the details, the big pdf release from Stats …

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Ebola explained (well!)

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“By understanding the genome, what genes it contains, and what those genes encode, we hope to be able to develop more specific insecticides, thus reducing the environmental and economic impact of pest control.”

Peter Dearden  Guest Work

Grinch Eric Crampton Nov 28

This should be fun. 2014 Public Finance Great Festive Debate The Government Economics Network and Chair in Public Finance present: THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THE CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA IS A WASTE OF …

Mapping things 1: dogs ‘n kids aimee whitcroft Nov 27

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to attend Open Data Day* last week in Christchurch. While there the very awesome @kayakr (Jonathan Hunt) gave an unconference session on how to …

Fixed costs in small countries Eric Crampton Nov 27

Yesterday’s column over at hit on some of the ridiculous self-imposed fixed costs of government policy in New Zealand. A taste: We could argue about the ridiculousness of the …

Cheesecake files: Just how deadly is it? John Pickering Nov 27

Everyone said it did but how did they know and by how much?  Statements like “The development of AKI [Acute Kidney Injury] after CPB [Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery] is associated with …

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