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slugs, and snails, and … facials? Alison Campbell Apr 26

Today's Life/Style section in the Herald on Sunday brings us the latest 'beauty trend' to hit our shores: the snail facial.

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently one can (if one has a sufficiency of funds) already purchase Snail Soap, which contains "snail slime, virgin olive oil, honey and extracts from medicinal plants". The slime component supposedly helps 'beat' wrinkles (what's wrong with a bit of character?) & reduces scarring. We're told that "No one has come back and said it is rubbish or doesn't work," but then, it might be a tad …

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Nanogirl – live show highlights

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“By not considering estuaries when limits for freshwater water quality are being determined, are we in danger of finding, years from now, that those limits are failing to deliver healthy estuaries?”

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Sunday Seascape 2 Brendan Moyle Apr 26

As a diversion from the regular work routine and to try something new I’ve been taking photographs of the beaches and sea around us.  The convenient thing about seascape photography …

All the science that is fit to blog – an analysis of science blogging practice Grant Jacobs Apr 25

Those who use blog software as the media to distribute their science writing might like to browse Paige Brown Jarreau’s summary of her Ph.D. thesis All the Science That is Fit …

how do we assess teacher quality? Alison Campbell Apr 25

This is a post originally writing for Talking Teaching. It's a difficult question for universities but an important one at a time when they are increasingly under scrutiny for …

Shares in companies are an old idea Paul Walker Apr 23

It turns out that shares are more than 700 years old at least. From the BBC website comes this picture of what is the oldest known share in a company. In …

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