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The way we live now Donal Curtin Oct 26

Today’s release of the September quarter Consumer Price Index incorporated the latest three-year review (pdf) of spending patterns, and some other changes, notably using technology to capture the prices of many consumer electronic goods. Instead of Stats people visiting physical stores or browsing electronic retailers’ websites, info will now be gathered from retail transaction data collected by market research firm GfK.
It’s another fine example of how using data collected for one purpose can be cleverly used by Stats for another – something that Stats has become quite adept at (and from casual observation, rather better at than many other national statistical …

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Spinosaurus vs. alligator

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“To become proficient in blood pattern analysis requires more than just a few tests drips cast down a wall or onto paper. Understanding the variability in pattern (or lack of) created by direction, velocity, flow, depositional surface…. are crucial to correct interpretation of blood patterns. As with any other area of forensic science, specialised training is required plus considerable experience backed up with advice and peer-review.”

Anna Sandiford  Forensic Scientist

Shanahan on a mission to destroy the notion of plucky NZ punching above its weight Peter Kerr Oct 24

You have to give the effusive and self-effacing Greg Shanahan his due. He kicked off the TIN 100 report in 2004 and now in its tenth year of production it reflects the …

A nose for the future Robert Hickson Oct 23

It’s been a big time for noses recently. Who would have picked that? First up a paper in PLOS ONE  indicated that losing one’s sense of smell may be a …

Food, Fossil Fuels and Filthy Finance Bryan Walker Oct 23

It is depressingly apparent that powerful forces in the global economy are set to carry on with the exploration for and use of fossil fuels as a primary source of …

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 – what really happened? Ken Perrott Oct 23

Three months after the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine the world is no wiser about what and who caused this crash. Well we have the preliminary report but …

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