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EconTalk this wek Paul Walker Feb 01

Alex Tabarrok of George Mason University talks to EconTalk host Russ Roberts about a recent paper Tabarrok co-authored with Shruti Rajagopalan on Gurgaon, a city in India that until recently had little or no municipal government. The two discuss the successes and failures of this private city, the tendency to romanticize the outcomes of market and government action, and the potential for private cities to meet growing demand for urban living in India and China.
A direct link to the audio is available here.

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A year in the life of Earth’s CO2

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“It is an accepted fact of life that alcohol and good decision making have only loose acquaintance with one another. Like ships passing in the night, they may meet or they may not.”

Darcy Cowan  Skepticon

January ’15 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking Ken Perrott Feb 01

Credit: 10 Social Media Facts Figures and Statistics You Need to Know There are now over 300 blogs on the list although I am weeding out those which are no longer …

Irradiation of Food and Compulsory Labelling Mark Hanna Feb 01

Queensland Fruit Fly | Photo by James Niland Biosecurity is a big issue for New Zealand. Being a group of islands fairly isolated from all other landmasses and having quite …

A More Inclusive Approach to Education Michael Edmonds Jan 30

The Chief Executive of Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (and my bosses boss) gave a talk at TEDx in Christchurch last year describing a more inclusive and broader approach to …

what would the world be like if we all just… disappeared Alison Campbell Jan 30

I do enjoy asapSCIENCE - their videos are quirky entertaining & informative and can provide some great talking points for science classes. But for this one add poignant to …

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