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Pensions: another thing we’ve got right? Donal Apr 25

I spent last Thursday at the latest seminar run by Auckland University’s Retirement Policy and Research Centre (the RPRC), ”Retirement incomes policy: The future is now” (overview here, full programme here). The Centre also prepared a ‘Summary of issues’ background paper which gives a quick overview of our current system, the policy positions of the political parties, and the issues that look to be live ones.
I came away with the overall impression that there isn’t a lot wrong with our current arrangements, and there is quite a lot right.
As it happens (and I didn’t know because I hadn’t got round to reading …

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Years of living dangerously

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“Having big (or small ideas) is one step. What really starts to excite people, as Elon Musk has demonstrated, is when you give them a plan of how it could work.”

Robert Hickson Ariadne

ANZAC Day 2014 at Browns Bay Brendan Moyle Apr 25

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Surprising irreligiosity Eric Crampton Apr 25

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How to become a climate change denier (in 4 easy steps) Gareth Renowden Apr 24

Cartoon drawn by Joshua Cakeburger Drummond as a contribution to the High Water Project, and rooted in bitter experience, I suspect…

TV3′s The Nation: Antarctica and public understanding of climate change Bryan Walker Apr 24

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