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car crashes, green products, transformers and hip hop Steve Pointing May 27

In my ‘Dear Science’ radio show on 95.0 bFM today, I discuss new science and technology findings that tell us why you are more likely to die if you hit an SUV rather than a car, why ‘green’ household products really may not be that good for you, how the Transformers movie is affecting management style, and how big data has revealed Hip Hop as the biggest musical revolution of the last 50 years.Listen to the podcast at:

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How glowing bacteria can save the world

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“To become proficient in blood pattern analysis requires more than just a few tests drips cast down a wall or onto paper. Understanding the variability in pattern (or lack of) created by direction, velocity, flow, depositional surface…. are crucial to correct interpretation of blood patterns. As with any other area of forensic science, specialised training is required plus considerable experience backed up with advice and peer-review.”

Anna Sandiford  Forensic Scientist

Connett & Hirzy do a shonky risk assesment for fluoride Ken Perrott May 27

Paul Connett executive director of the Fluoridation Action Network (FAN) told me during our fluoride debate that he was writing a scientific paper defining a lower safety limit for fluoride …

Household access to the internet in NZ Aaron May 27

The NZ Census asks a bunch of questions about household access to various types of telecommunications services like fixed-line phones faxes mobile phones and the internet. The internet question is …

Groser on Canada Eric Crampton May 27

I like our Trade Minister: New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser has attacked the Canadian milk production system saying the industry belongs in the former Soviet Union and its market …

It’s deja vu all over again: NZ consultation on climate target set up to be a farce Gareth Renowden May 26

At the end of last week with the deadline1 for submissions on a post-2020 target for New Zealand emissions rapidly approaching the Ministry for the Environment released a second set …

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