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Sex, sexism and environmentalism: are women more ‘environmentally friendly’ - Wayne Linklater Oct 31

Chances are you have heard it said: ‘Women care more about the environment’. Perhaps you have even heard someone say that ‘women are more environmentally aware’ or ‘women are more likely to act to protect the environment’?
The idea appears to originate from the argument that women have a more substantive or direct relationship with the environment because they are our species nurturers. The assumption is that the sex which nurtures the next generation – invests most and is most vulnerable – will be overwhelmingly more sensitive to the future and its environment and so behave accordingly.
The ideas seems intuitive to …

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Ebola explained (well!)

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“In the end sensible citizens will take advice on such issues from scientific and health experts – not local council politicians.”

Ken Perrott Open Parachute

New Zealand political spokesperson for GE and more endorses homeopathy for Ebola Grant Jacobs Oct 31

(Opinion on one of stupider things I’ve seen endorsed by a politician in a while and it’s relation to other science-based policy including genetic engineering.) Green Party MP Steffan …

NZ cranks finally publish an NZ temperature series – but their paper’s stuffed with errors Gareth Renowden Oct 31

You can’t teach old dogs new tricks it seems — certainly not if they’re gnawing a much loved old bone at the time. The lads from the NZ Climate Science …

sticky little lizard feet Alison Campbell Oct 31

Evolutionary change can be fast - Peter and Rosemary Grant's long-term & ongoing research project on the Galapagos finches documented rapid responses to environmental changes for example as does the …

Fresh frozen: Antarctic Marine Protected Area talks fail again Victoria Metcalf Oct 31

The latest round of annual talks of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) have just wound up in Hobart. For the fourth time running they looked set …

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