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Unthinking machines Robert Hickson Sep 16

It’s interesting how “Watson”, the computing system from IBM, is gathering a persona around itself (or rather one is being woven for it). “Watson”, which garnered fame several years ago by winning a game show, is now doing scientific research, among other noble things. Though it’s still a distant forebear of HAL 9000, so the cult of persona doesn’t seem warranted.
“Open the lab door, Watson”
“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”
Researchers from Watson Discovery Advisor, Baylor College of Medicine & the MD Anderson Cancer Center have taught the operating system to analyse 70,000 articles [abstract] to find new protein kinases that …

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Niho Taniwha, the chevron skink

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“By not considering estuaries when limits for freshwater water quality are being determined, are we in danger of finding, years from now, that those limits are failing to deliver healthy estuaries?”

Malcolm Green Waiology

Excellent elephant conservation blog by Daniel Stiles Brendan Moyle Sep 16

Long-time elephant conservationist Daniel Stiles has an excellent blog at National Geographic on elephant conservation and the ivory trade.  I think everybody who is concerned with conservation policy and elephants …

Crude dredging of the scientific literature Ken Perrott Sep 15

I am always amazed at how some people will crudely misrepresent the scientific literature in their efforts to pretend their particular political agenda is scientifically valid. The way they will dredge …

Jobs for Everyone Seamus Hogan Sep 15

It has been more than a week since Internet-Mana had their official launch promising nationwide full employment. Their policy platform got overshadowed a bit by the strange comments of Kim …

Quantum computing and New Zealand Guest Work Sep 15

SciBlogs is running guest posts from some of the Eureka! Sir Paul Callaghan Awards 2014 finalists. In this guest post  Jack Wynne from St. Patrick’s College Wellington explores the potential …

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