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A nose for the future Robert Hickson Oct 23

It’s been a big time for noses recently. Who would have picked that?
First up, a paper in PLOS ONE  indicated that losing one’s sense of smell may be a predictor (statistically speaking) of your demise (at least if you are older than 57). The authors speculate
Olfactory function is thus one of the strongest predictors of 5-year mortality and may serve as a bellwether for slowed cellular regeneration or as a marker of cumulative toxic environmental exposures.
Many folk, young and old, have sniffed at these results, proclaiming that they can’t smell a thing and have been hale and hearty for many …

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Spinosaurus vs. alligator

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“In the end sensible citizens will take advice on such issues from scientific and health experts – not local council politicians.”

Ken Perrott Open Parachute

Food, Fossil Fuels and Filthy Finance Bryan Walker Oct 23

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 – what really happened? Ken Perrott Oct 23

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Thirsty trees and water yields: Vegetation, water and a changing climate Waiology Oct 23

By Cate Macinnis-Ng Future climate projections predict that some parts of New Zealand will become drier with droughts being more severe and frequent. This is particularly true for the north …

The low down on liquefaction Lynley Hargreaves Oct 22

Since the Canterbury earthquakes most of us are familiar with the effects of liquefaction – sand volcanoes sunken buildings and vast vast quantities of mud. But scientists still don’t fully …

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