The internet is a strange place – not least because it makes easier to stumble across such strange juxtapositions as PZ’s sublime posting on killling and a strange and ridiculous piece by AIG (Answers in Genesis) that lays the blame for the Noachian flood on earthquakes (& I have to thank Ted for pointing me at the latter).

No, seriously. Apparently (in this strange parallel universe) “Japan’s earthquake proves Noah’s flood”. (The link is to the SeriousSensuous Curmudgeon’s post on this – I have no wish to drive up AIG’s web traffic!)

Inside this world-view the terrible March 11 quake (& its associated tsunami) are ‘small’ – I’m sure the thought that it could have been much worse is comforting to those affected. Supposedly huge earthquakes leave behind the evidence of their own existence in ‘superfaults’ – unfortunately most geologists would beg to disagree. (This ‘quakes cause faultlines’ is eerily reminiscent of a claim by our own ‘Moon Man’.) And if one ‘small’ earthquake-generated tsunami could do so much damage, think how much greater the harm from (& I quote) ” the barrage of tsunamis generated by continuous, worldwide earthquakes during the year-long Flood of Noah”…

And there was me thinking it was all due to 40 days & nights of rain…


(Edit: & I hope the Curmudgeon will forgive me for getting the name wrong. I blame the i-pad’s spellchecker running unchecked!)