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Silenced by the mob

Alison Campbell Nov 05, 2015

Well, this sucks, & that’s putting it mildly. From Kevin Folta’s blog, Illumination: Dr Folta has been under constant attack in recent months since it emerged that Monsanto had donated  $US25,000 to fund a science outreach program he was running. Not his research, but an outreach program. He was accused of a conflict of interest by those opposed to … Read More


shipworms, pillbugs and gribbles – oh my!

Alison Campbell Nov 04, 2015

I’ve never heard of gribbles before, & did wonder if they were in some way related to tribbles (or a certain US politician’s hair…). But no, it turns out that gribbles are small, wood-boring crustaceans. And they look rather cute. However, their cuteness should not obscure the fact that gribbles (and their partners-in-crime, the molluscan shipworms & … Read More

oh sad new world, that has such foolishness in it!

Alison Campbell Sep 23, 2015

The internet is a seething pool of ‘stuff’, and one of the challenges faced by those using it is to distinguish useful information from foolish fantasy. And there surely is a lot of the latter! Thus we find that According to a BBC news story, the Indian government’s Agriculture Minister  has said that yogic farming would “empower … Read More

Crossing the great (prokaryote-eukaryote) divide

Alison Campbell Sep 01, 2015

I’ve always enjoyed Nick Lane’s writing1, so naturally an article he wrote for the ABC Science website caught my eye. Titled “Evolution of complex life on Earth, take 2?”, it discusses an organism that appears to be neither prokaryote nor eukaryote, but something in-between. There’s a great divide between the cells that fit the description of ‘prokaryote’ and those … Read More

‘a worm just crawled across my eye!’

Alison Campbell May 08, 2015

Saw the webpage headline.  First thought: ewwwwww. Second thought: ooooh, I wonder what that's all about? Answer: a little filiarid worm. FIliarid worms are roundworms (nematodes). I knew about the one that causes the disfiguring disease known as elephantiasis,... Read More

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