singapore conservatory dome.jpgAfter goggling (a mixture of gobsmacked & ogling) the supertrees, our little party of escapees from the day’s official IBO program made our way into the Flower Dome, the first of the two great conservatories in Singapore’s Gardens in the Bay. Cue more ‘oh, wow!’ moments as the scale of the building became apparent – this is what it looks like once you’re through the doors (& into the wondrous coolness of the huge space):

singapore - entrance to flower dome.jpg

This dome contains gardens, or garden collections, from around the world, including the displays of flowers that give it its name. I was fascinated by the visual juxtaposition of the gardens with the almost futuristic cityscape beyond the conservatory walls.

singapore - flower dome & cityscape.jpg

singapore - flower dome hibiscus.jpg

From some perspectives the dome’s interior gives the impression of being heavily forested, & it’s at this point I had to keep reminding myself that none of this was here even 4 years ago: all the mature trees were brought onto the site from elsewhere…

singapore - flower dome forest look.jpg

… including a 1000-year-old olive tree. We could only guess at the huge amount of work (by goodness knows how many gardeners) to get all these plants established.

singapore - flower dome with olive tree.jpg

There’s also a wonderful collection of xerophytes: plants adapted to life in a dry environment. The plants in the following photo show a range of interesting adaptations related to this lifestyle.

singapore - xerophytes.jpgAnd scattered through the dome is a range of artwork, including this lovely botanically-based eagle, developed from the roots of a tree. (I am always amazed at how some people are able to ‘see’ the form within something, and work to bring it forth.)

singapore - flower dome eagle.jpg