Open Access publishing shouldn’t be this hard Fabiana Kubke Apr 05

We put a man on the moon about half a century ago yet we still haven’t solved the problem of access to the scientific literature. I was invited to speak at the New Zealand Association of Scientists meeting this year. The theme was “Science and Society” and I was asked to speak about Open Access […]

Open Access Week 2014 Fabiana Kubke Oct 25

What do brain machine interfaces and Open Science have in common? They are two examples of concepts that I never thought I would get to see materialised in my lifetime. I was wrong. I had heard of the idea of Open Access as Public Library of Science was about to launch (or was in its […]

Science gone bad Fabiana Kubke Oct 05

or the day after the sting I got the embargoed copy of Science Magazine article on peer review in Open Access earlier this week, which gave me a chance to read it with tranquility. I have to say I really liked it. It was a cool sting, and it exposed many of the flaws in […]

Predatoromics of science communication Fabiana Kubke Oct 04

The week ends with a series of articles in Science that make you roll your eyes. These articles explore different aspects of the landscape of science communication exposing how broken the system can be at times. The increased pressure to publish scientific results to satisfy some assessors’ need to count beans has not come without […]

ASAP Awards Finalists announced Fabiana Kubke Oct 02

(Cross-posted from Mind the Brain) Earlier this year, nominations opened for the Accelerating Science Awards Program (ASAP). Backed by major sponsors like Google, PLOS and the Wellcome Trust, and a number of other organisations, this award seeks to “build awareness and encourage the use of scientific research — published through Open Access — in transformative […]

Failure to replicate, spoiled milk and unspilled beans Fabiana Kubke Sep 06

Try entering “failure to replicate” in a google search (or better still, let me do that for you) and you will find no shortage of hits. You can even find a reproducibility initiative. Nature has a whole set of articles on the topic. If you live in New Zealand you have probably not escaped the […]

Brain Hype Fabiana Kubke Aug 31

“Successful human-to-human brain interface” screamed the headlines – and so there I was clicking my way around the internet to read about it. Those who know me also know that this is the kind of stuff what makes me tick, ever since learning about the pioneering work of Miguel Nicolelis.  A bit over a decade […]

[Open Science Sunday] Lincoln University’s Open Access Policy is out Fabiana Kubke Jul 28

New Zealand has its first Open Access Policy thanks to Lincoln University. We have been lagging behind in the OA landscape when it comes to tertiary institutions, and Lincoln’s position is a great step. From their website: Lincoln University takes the position that if public funding has supported the creation of research or other content […]

Internet birdfest Fabiana Kubke Jun 01

A few days ago I got an email from a colleague of mine pointing me to a video about birds of paradise. I am happy I went and looked at it because it is quite amazing. There is no question why this group of birds stand apart from others – they are not beautiful to […]

[Open] Science Sunday – 19-5-13 Fabiana Kubke May 19

2012 was a really interesting year for Open Research. The year started with a boycott to Elsevier (The Cost of Knowledge) , soon followed  in May by a petition at We The People in the US,  asking the US government to “Require free access over the Internet to scientific journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research.”. […]

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