Of Ivory, Gold and Silver Brendan Moyle Mar 03

It is a persistent problem with the illegal ivory market, is we don’t have actual records of how much is being sold.  It is difficult to determine what the size of the market for carvings, what proportion are new carvings from recently poached ivory, what percentage are fake ivory, and what percentage is older carvings [...]

Royal Malaysian Police capture Nepalese wildlife criminal Brendan Moyle Feb 17

INTERPOL in 2014 launched a coordinated campaign to arrest a number of criminals involved in wildlife crimes.  One of these criminals, a Rajkumar Praja,  involved in rhino poaching, has been apprehended in Malaysia. Rajkumar Praja, the ringleader of a rhino poaching network in Nepal, is wanted to serve a 15-year sentence for rhino poaching and [...]

The Hangzhou Meeting: Combating the Illegal Demand For Ivory Brendan Moyle Feb 12

Reducing the illegal demand in ivory is an important strategy to bring elephant poaching in Africa down to sustainable levels.  With that in mind, the CITES Secretariat and the CITES Management Authority of China organised a workshop in Hangzhou.  This was held over the the 28 and 29th of January.  As I’ve previously posted, I [...]

Lakes in Hangzhou Brendan Moyle Feb 11

In late January I was back in China.  It was a short trip. It was for a workshop on ivory demand in Hangzhou.  On the plus side, the workshop was in Hangzhou, based in a hotel close to the West Lake.  On the minus, well, it was winter. There was rain. And I was only [...]

The new ivory crime organisations: did we create them? Brendan Moyle Jan 14

One aspect of the current elephant poaching crisis is the contribution of organised crime.  If we look back to the last time elephants were being decimated in the 1980s, this was not the case.  So understanding these criminal organisations and their motivations is important.  So far I’ve been able to show that smuggling levels, are [...]

On the Savannah Brendan Moyle Dec 29

**This post first appeared as a blog-post on my zenfolio site.  The zenfolio website is optimised for photo viewing. All photos below can be viewed at a larger-size with a mouse-click** The workshop on ivory economics at Ol Pejeta lasted for two days.  While I plan to discuss it in more detail later, it was [...]

A short visit to Kenya Brendan Moyle Dec 18

The World Bank is pressing forward with a study on reducing the illegal trade in ivory.  Part of that process involved getting feedback from a number of experts in the field.  As most of these experts are based in East or Southern Africa, Kenya was chosen for the meeting point.  I though, am based in [...]

The Compact Traveller: 2014 version Brendan Moyle Dec 05

On Monday I’m flying out to Kenya, for a workshop on ivory economics.  This is to contribute to a study being supported by the World Bank on the dimensions and drivers of this traffic.  Hopefully I can elaborate more when I get back. The constraint this time is that the last leg of the flight [...]

Avian Monday Brendan Moyle Nov 17

The balancing act of research, family and blogging has taken a bit of a hit on the blogging side.  Nonetheless, on the research side I’ll be heading to Kenya in mid-December for some ivory-related business. So, lets take a turn from grading exams and writing papers to look at some local wildlife. These pictures are [...]

Water everywhere Brendan Moyle Nov 09

Originally posted at my photo website Once exams finished I headed off the Napier to visit my parents (and other family there).  Sadly my parents are not as well as they used to be. I wanted to see them while I had the chance to get away from work.  In theory I’m going to [...]

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