The Bangle Distraction Brendan Moyle Jul 20

One of the recent reports on the illegal trade in ivory has implicated Hong Kong as a smuggling node into China.  The claim is that Hong Kong is failing to impact the illegal trade, and this is contributing to the demise of elephant populations in Africa. The level of retail trade is indicated by the [...]

Sunday Seascape 9 Brendan Moyle Jul 19

What I like about the sea, is that it is always different.  The weather, the tides, a shift in location, all can mean going back to the same sites can produce a different image.  The challenges can sometimes be though, staying dry and keeping the gear clean of spray. One element I like to exclude [...]

Sunday Seascape 8 Brendan Moyle Jul 06

Ok, it isn’t Sunday anymore, but what with taxes and other things, Sunday seemed to get away on me.  Also, it was more fun watching The Hobbit with children last night.  Is it churlish to mention I didn’t find the third movie to be as entertaining as the first two?  Seemed to have too much [...]

Sustainable Trade in Wildlife Symposium Brendan Moyle Jun 29

The reason there has not been a lot of photos of seascapes of late, is I’ve been out of the country. Again.  The Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, and the International Trade Center, organised the symposium for the 18th and 19th of June.  I was presenting as one of the keynote speakers. It was somewhat fortunate [...]

Sunday Seascape 7 Brendan Moyle Jun 07

This was taken at Waiake Beach around by the Tor.  The wind was unpleasant and discouraged most of the fishers from hanging around. Knowing this would produce a fair bit of vibration on the tripod, I hunkered down low and looked for some low-angle shots.  This was taken with the aid of a circular polariser, [...]

Sunday Seascape 6 Brendan Moyle May 31

Well, the rain has set in today, and the great weather we had yesterday is no more. At least I got my PBRF draft portfolio ready for review by Massey.  I guess it means that today, we have to dig into the archive for a seascape picture.   This is a view of Auckland from [...]

Sunday Seascape 5 Brendan Moyle May 17

This shot I took at Long Bay, in rather turbulent conditions. I slowed the shutter-speed to about 2 seconds, to give some sense of motion to the waves. I’ve also lined up the edge of the reef to lead int the image, and direct eye to Rangitoto. The big challenge with these shots is using [...]

Sunday Seascape 4 Brendan Moyle May 11

Not quite Sunday, but hopefully close enough. This is a view of the Waitemata Harbour from Island Bay.  I’ve used a 20mm lens and converted the image to a toned shot.  One of the problems with overcast skies is they don’t add a lot of punch to the image.    

I read it on the internet- so it must be true Brendan Moyle May 07

Isn’t the internet wonderful?  You can find all sorts of information from the comfort of a keyboard.  I have been assured many extraordinary things are true, because someone found them on the internet.  Homeopathy works, vaccines don’t, Noah’s Ark has been found again for real. But it isn’t just those fond of wild-conspiracies that can [...]

Sunday Seascape 3 Brendan Moyle May 03

This is a split-tone version of the surf at Muriwai.  The wind and sea spray prevented me from getting any good long exposure shots.  This is taken a 1/1000 sec using an 85mm lens.

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