Sunday Seascape 3 Brendan Moyle May 03

This is a split-tone version of the surf at Muriwai.  The wind and sea spray prevented me from getting any good long exposure shots.  This is taken a 1/1000 sec using an 85mm lens.

The struggles of a garden-conservationist Brendan Moyle Apr 29

We are fortunate to be in a place that, for an urban garden, has a lot of indigenous diversity.  There are geckos in the trees, there are skinks on the ground. Keruru (wood-pigeons) and tuis visit regularly for food and rest. Moreporks (ruru) are also vocal in the night, having divided the area into what [...]

Oakley Creek Waterfall Brendan Moyle Apr 27

One of the kids had arranged a viewing of Marvel’s Age of Ultron on Sunday with friends. The cinema chosen was Henderson, which took me close to the Oakley Creek Scenic Reserve.  Auckland, say unlike Fiordland, isn’t normally known for its waterfalls.  Nonetheless, there is actually one in Central Auckland at Oakley Creek.   So [...]

Sunday Seascape 2 Brendan Moyle Apr 26

As a diversion from the regular work routine, and to try something new, I’ve been taking photographs of the beaches and sea around us.  The convenient thing about seascape photography is that say, unlike wildlife or macro photography, the sea is always there.  And it never flies or runs away before you have the chance [...]

Sunday Seascape Brendan Moyle Apr 19

This seascape photo is of the beach at Long Bay.  This is one of the bays in the East Coast Bays and is also a regional park. This is a 10 second exposure, taken with the Sony full-frame a900 DSLR, and the Minolta 20mm lens.  

Time to take some pictures Brendan Moyle Apr 15

One of the things I like to do after an expedition overseas is decompress. That usually means heading out with a camera and enjoying the NZ scenery. No meetings, no crowds of people, no airport departure lounges or packed queues. So, after the last trip to China (late March) it’s time to appreciate NZ again. [...]

On the bear trail Brendan Moyle Mar 31

I’m back in Beijing.  In the meeting room, two large maps of China are affixed to the wall.  In theory the map describes the distribution of Asiatic black bears in China.  Most are concentrated in Sichuan province, or up near the Russian Far East (HeilongJiang, Jilin). Someone’s eye roves over the map. They spot a [...]

Rhinos – a horny problem Brendan Moyle Mar 18

The poaching crisis in rhinos in fact, dwarfs that of elephants at the moment.  The rapid increase in poaching of rhinos since 2008 has mirrored other species.  Unlike elephants however, there is no ‘one-off’ sale to blame.  In fact, the restrictions on the export of horns in the form of hunting trophies seems coincident with [...]

Wildlife Trade Symposium- Call for papers Brendan Moyle Mar 10

The School of Anthropology and Conservation a the University of Kent has put out a call for abstracts.  I’m intending to go :). It is for a 2-day symposium entitled “Towards a sustainable and legal wildlife trade” on Thursday, 18th June and Friday, 19th June, 2015 at the Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent, [...]

Singapore makes second largest seizure of illegal raw ivory Brendan Moyle Mar 09

Singapore customs has reported a seizure of 1099 tusks and pieces of raw ivory.  This is the second largest seizure they have made since 2002, when six tonnes was intercepted (a reminder that poaching is not technically a recent problem) .  The ivory is reported to have been packed into 65 gunny sacks.  They are [...]

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