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Okay, it is reported that Letterman has a top 10 list he describes on air- and the blogosphere has been active, trying to come up with an appropriate list of why being PM of NZ is a good thing.

This is my favourite from Danyl Mclauchlan, originally posted on Kiwiblog:

1. You can pay off the national debt by telling everyone to look under their couch covers for loose change.
2. Knowing that your armed forces can kick Antartica’s ass any time they step out of line.
3. You get to use the national cell phone five times a week at no charge.
4. You are protected by highly trained bodyguards who are willing to throw themselves in front of a glacier to save you.
5. Swear to protect and defend the people of New Zealand against all penguins, both domestic and foreign.
6. Only person in country with high enough security clearance to follow William Shatner on Twitter.
7. Prime Ministers private chef has the finest recipe in the world for roast hobbit.
8. Can silence every journalist across the entire country by confiscating her laptop battery.
9. Head of Government is excused from nightly border patrol guarding against Australian sheep rustlers and fur seals entering the country illegally.
10. You learn the horrible truth about what happened to Old Zealand.