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Sometimes I get asked why I use the name chthoniid as my Web ID. I also use chthoniid as my ‘name’ for facebook, twitter, skype and my zenfolio photosite account.

Of course, the other question I usually get is how to pronounce it :)

The very logical reason is that no-one else in the big, big world of the web uses the same name. If you can spell chthoniid, then it’s straightforward to find me. I won’t be on page 20 of a google search :D

But there are a couple of reasons why I chose this name.

The first is because it is a simple play on words. In classical Greek, the word chthonic was used to describe something pertaining to the underworld. This in Greek mythology was the world of the dead where Hades reigned. But if we forget for a second the Hades-angle, then the play on words should be a little clearer. I live in NZ, which is often referred to (along with Australia) as the world-down-under. World-down-under is thus, the under-world. Hence, it means I’m of the family of ‘things’ that live in the world-down-under.

The second reason is because of the zoological connection. I used to study false-scorpions (way back when I was doing my masters degree). I always felt that these tiny arachnids were rather amazing, even if no-one was really aware of their actual existence. One of the common NZ families was the Chthoniidae. So by using Chthoniid as my name, I’m also signalling that gosh, I really liked false-scorpions :)