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I’m having a break from blogging (and much of everything else) for a bit. The reason is I’m going to be up in the Darwin area (Northern Australia) for a bit. Mostly it’s a chance to go "feral" in the outback, and get some photos of some top-end Australian wildlife :)

For those of you interested in such things, I’m taking a fairly mobile mix of lenses. I’ve got two cameras (one being the excellent Minolta Dynax 7 film SLR, the other the Sony a700 DSLR). I anticipate most of the wildlife work will be done with a pairing of the Minolta 300/4 G and the Sony 70-300 G. The Minolta gets a bit more reach with the addition of a 1.4x TC.

My shot-list is basically crocodiles, other reptiles and birds, and creepy-crawlies. I’m afraid Australian mammals don’t really do much for me. Perhaps it is the NZ conservation-culture where we have come to regard mammals as pests. Or maybe I’m just being contrary… :D