I made it back from Darwin yesterday with what I think is a good collection of bird and crocodile photos. I’ll expand a bit on the challenges of crocodile photography later (hint- it is a team effort, not a sole shooter exercise). In the meantime I’ve been really focused on processing my photos.

One of the common birds of prey is the whistling kite. This bird is a superb acrobat.

The shot below is from a sequence where the kite is chasing a heron- who has a fish in its mouth. The kite is trying to get the heron to drop the fish to steal it. This scene played out at Bird Billabong near the Mary River. The main challenge here was the 40 degree heat and sweat trickling into the eyes (and the damn flies sucking moisture from the mouth, nose, eyes and ears).

Anyway, for a brief second the two birds banked towards me and I got the shot.

Link to larger image