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One of the other attractions of the Northern territory is the abundant bird-life.
For someone coming from NZ, this is quite an experience. Most of our surviving forest birds are small, furtive and dull in colour. Taking good photos (as opposed to snapshots) is actually challenging. There are common NZ forest birds I’m still trying to get good photos of.

In comparison, Australian birds are much less secretive. Heck, they practically wander down to see what you are doing, pass out some advice on shutter speeds, then go back to pose for you. (Okay, I’m exaggerating, but you get the point.) If you’re used to NZ birds, photographing Australian birds is actually a lot easier.

This is a sea eagle sequence I got on the Mary River when the crocodiles weren’t being photogenic. There’s enough of them that getting the eagle perched ina tree is easy. So I just had to wait for a chance to get a short flying sequence.

If you’ve got the time, look at how long the talons are on those feet.

# Liftoff

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# Down

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# Up

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These were also taken at the Mary River in the NT, near Shady Camp.