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Aah, learned some very sad news.

Noted WCS conservationist John Thorbjarnarson died suddenly in New Delhi (yesterday). John was a tireless advocate for the scaly creatures- crocodilians, turtles etc- and played a very important role in the recovery of the Chinese alligator. This was one of the most remarkable turn-arounds in conservation in the last decade.

From John Robinson -

It is with real sadness that I must tell you that John Thorbjarnarson

tragically passed away early this morning. John was in New Delhi, India

after giving a course at the Wildlife Institute of India. He collapsed

yesterday and was taken to hospital. We got him into the best hospital and

he was given the best possible care, but by then it was too late. The

initial diagnosis is that he was suffering from advanced falciparum malaria.

We are in touch with the family and all relevant authorities. John was a

very special person and a great friend, who put his life and soul into

conservation. He will be widely missed and remembered.