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The crab spiders are one of the arachnid world’s ambushers. Rather than employ webs, they wait for prey to close, before seizing them with their long front legs.

The principal adaptation to this capture system is large, elongated front legs. This is aided by a body that is often superbly camouflaged.

New Zealand’s crab spiders tend to be drawn from two main genera. One of these has a characteristic, blunt abdomen. These spiders belong to the genus Sidymella, which alas has not been fully described. Hence I’m unable to make a more specific identification in this case.

This particular spider had a body-length of about 4-5mm.

#1 Body View

Link to larger image

#2 This view gives a better view of the spines on the front leg. Click the link to the larger image for a better view

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#3 This angle gives a better view of the chelicerae and palps

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