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I’ve had the opportunity to do a bit more bird photography recently. This wasn’t entirely planned, and rather than employing my heavier and faster 300mm prime, I was making do with a slower (but much lighter) zoom.

New Zealand is home to a number of native birds from the family Petroicidae. These are commonly known as the Australian robins. While these birds were given common names based on similar European species, they are unrelated. The miromiro was given the name of NZ tomtit. Its scientific name is Petroica macrocephala. It’s close relatives include the NZ robin and the black robin from the Chatham Islands.

The miromiro is an insectivore. Fortunately the species does not appear to be in any risk of extinction. Nonetheless, it is often heard but rarely seen by many New Zealanders.

While in Rotorua near the Redwoods, I spotted one such male miromiro chasing insects on the tree trunks of the trees. With a bit of patience and a lot of luck, I managed to get some shots in before it flew off.

Link to larger image

If you look closely at the larger image, you should be able to see traces of spider-silk on the face.

The male has the characteristic black hood.

The second shot is a longer distance photo taken with the bird on the leaf litter

Link to larger image