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Orbweb-spiders are one of the most commonly encountered spiders. While there webs are often visible during the day, and occasionally the occupant can be seen resting in it, orbwebs spiders are actually more active at night. This is when webs are repaired or rebuilt.

The Australasian Eriophora pustolosa is often found in forest margins and gardens. The most distinctive feature are the five ‘bump’ on the abdomen – 2 laterally and 3 at the posterior. The species exhibits a wide variation in colouring and size.

What appeals to me most about these spiders, is the textures of their bodies. There is a mix of bristles and spines, smooth surfaces, and bumps and pits.

These are photos I took this weekend of a large female. I’m using a macro twin-flash for light. I’ve also positioned a white card behind the spider, which is reflecting some light back on the subject.

Link to larger image
With this shot you may be able to see the lateral eyes on the edge of the carapace close to you, and the middle eyes nearer the centre of the carapace

Link to larger image
This gives a better view of the mouthparts, and centrally mounted eyes. The orbwebs are an 8-eyed family

Link to larger image
This gives a nicer view of the texturing on the abdomen