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Monday Morning Macro- Cicada Brendan Moyle Jun 28

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A couple of summer shots, to remind us what warm weather and sunshine really means:

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Monday Morning Feathered Friend Brendan Moyle Jun 21

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A bird photo to kick off the week

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Traveling for the Itinerant Conservationist Brendan Moyle Jun 14

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Traveling is one of those things you can end up doing a lot of as a conservationist. There are a few things that are useful to be aware of.

A sharp knife for instance, can be very useful in all sorts of places. Once certain parasites reach a suitable size under your skin, it’s straightforward to dig them out with a sharp knife (and oh, it feels good too).

It’s also much more enjoyable if you can plan visits to countries where the locals approve of dancing on tabletops. Or dancing generally.

If you intend to risk being arrested by the local army, then it’s wise to remain calm & polite. Having your camera loaded up with photos of wildlife will mean you will look less like a Western Spy.

Road is a much more elastic term in many developing countries. It can merely mean a boggy surface lined by jungle. In which case, the purpose of your vehicle is to hold your bags while you get out and push the vehicle through the mud.

Road can also be a very temporary phenomena. In a good rain, the road will be washing away faster than your rate of progress. This gets even more exciting when you’re driving over mountains.

If you need to sleep somewhere rural, try to find a room with lots of geckos. Shake out your bedding first to evict any cockroaches. Then with luck, the geckos will take out all the cockroaches before they make it back to the safety of your bed.