I’m going to be picking up my visa this afternoon for another trip to China. This time I’m heading up into the Jilin province to a small city called Hunchun. It’ll be a quick trip- if all goes to plan. And yes, it’s still all about tigers.

One thing of interest in Jilin has been a recent arrest of a smuggler with tiger-bone in the region-

One foreigner smuggled tiger bone


Hunchun Online, Jin Jiangshui (reporter), 2010-8-23

On the morning of 29 July 2010, Changlizi Branch of Hunchun Customs found 46 pieces of animal bone in a foreigner’s luggage through X-Ray check. The suspect was from Russia and admitted bones were from tiger, which were identified as tiger bones by the national Wildlife Detection Center on 12 August 2010. Currently, this case is under further in investigation.

Yes, it’s still about bones. Nothing to do with aphrodisiacs :)