To reinforce the idea that a stalker is not some infatuated, pining soul, here’s some excerpts from just the week I was in China.  The person concerned here received prophetic dreams from God, which gives some context to the religious elements to these messages.

At this point I had not communicated to the person for almost 2 months.  The theory is that by not communicating at all, to any provocation, this will cause the person to eventually give up.

I am not backing down from prophecy,.,,you are fucking fraud, lying to people, and I dont care what happens

just opening up another hotmail account, get ready to have your life destroyed

@XX yeah much more delicious and truthful individuals online..reporting brendan now to his boss

Good luck with your pathetic life and lies brendan moyle, good riddens

I sent it brendan/ the mail is sent,,time to say goodbye

Cheers to good ole fashion revenge when people dont want to do the right thing immediately

after i tell him all I discovered via my giftings…which he will believe because you are divorced…then I am going to tell him the rest [I'm not divorced]

maybe family can get you to a damn doctor

I have to think of others online..that is why I am contacting your family [followed by posting my physical street address]

you are a sick and abusive man, and I am not letting you away with it since you are not clearing up the issue

and I am going to make sure your family is aware of what an abomination you turned into..violating womens trust/ so many men would stand in a line up to give him a slap for doing that.. many…he is demonic deviant, and I am going to make sure it ends