February is once again Bikewise Month in NZ- the time when we’re encouraged to get out on the bikes as much as possible. I’ve been steadily commuting with my bike all month, but to be honest, nearly every month is Bikewise Month for me. This month- well the combination of 70%+ humidity in Auckland and the NZ cycle-helmet laws (mutter, mutter)- have made it a tad unpleasant.

I had a brief chat to my daughter on the approved ways to stop a bicycle.
The first is to steadily apply the brakes to both wheels and coming to a safe stop. This is my preferred approach.
The second is to by passed by an Auckland motorist and clipped by a wing mirror or the like. In this dismounting technique, you get flung from the bicycle to slide spectacularly over the road surface using your body.
Then comes the really important part

Do not under any circumstances lose consciousness.

Your trajectory is going to take you into the path of other cars. If you lose consciousness or hesitate, you die. You have to get off the road quickly and only then check for bleeding and broken bones.