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Despite the clouds over Auckland on Saturday night, we got a few breaks and the chance to take some photos of the moon.

These photos were taken deliberately underexposed to show off more of the detail on the surface of the moon. Photographing the moon is reasonably straightforward- it doesn’t duck and hide behind leaves or move rapidly. The main challenge is that well, it’s a long way away. So any slightest tremble in the setup you use to take your photo will be inflated- and motion blur introduced to the shot.

I was using a solid tripod, to which I had a Manfrotto geared tripod head. The photos were taken with a 2 second delay, which also locks the camera’s mirror up. I’m using a 300mm lens with a 1.4x TC. This isn’t the ideal focal length for astronomy shots (it’s a bit too short), but, I don’t quite have the resources to get a bigger lens for these events [:)]

Link to larger image

This shot I boosted the contrast to try to show even more relief on the surface
Link to larger image