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This time from Mozambique here 35 people have been reported killed by Nile crocodiles in the NW Tete province.
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In NZ we rarely develop an appreciation for the human cost of conservation. Our wildlife is rather tame in comparison. But for people living in close proximity to animals like tigers, elephants and crocodiles, the risk of human-animal conflict is ever present.

Conserving crocodiles in these areas depends so often on a mix of strategies. One of the most important is to compensate the locals who bear these risks. For many crocodilians, this is achieved through egg-collection and ranching programmes. It is however, something that has not been achieved for many tiger populations. Walston et al. (2010) note that in fact, there has been a 42% drop in the occupancy rate in tiger hanitat through Asia in recent years. In many cases, the habitat is there but the tigrs are disappearing. One of the causes is human-tiger conflict.