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Then there’s the email Brendan Moyle Sep 28


This is what 48 hours of emails looks like.

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This is not an exchange. This is not me responding. This is one way-traffic. You don’t read this crap. You weigh it, or measure its height against a ruler.

Some of these emails were also sent by Dawn to the Australia & NZ Mental Health Association, the NZ National Centre of Mental Health and the Mental Health Foundation (but I’m not going to disclose the nature & content of her complaints).

And from overnight, more stuff from the pretend lawyer.

It never stops Brendan Moyle Sep 26


Here’s a snapshot into a fairly typical 24 hours of blogging by Dawn. Just remember people, this woman is also responsible for the care of a pre-school child.

She starts by listing a set of traits she attributes to me. Most are patent fictions.


I think she’s discovered a childrens’ book (or set thereof) that she’s convinced I’m partly responsible for. It’s a sign from GOD after all.

Dawn 26-9 p2

Now it’s on to her pretend-campaign as a lawyer.  She decided long ago that Greg Moyle (local Auckland politician) is related to me.  This has led to emails also directed at the NZ Financial Planners.

Dawn 26-9 p3

Susanne is one of her original stalking targets. Gosh, it has been about 14 months since Dawn began harassing me.

Dawn 26-9 p4

The threats never stop

Dawn 26-9 p5

Another invention is that I have been married to a Michelle (since divorced).  This led to a Michelle in NZ being deluged with a stream of emails advising her. These emails were forwarded to me.

It is a matter of public record in NZ that I haven’t been married to either a Susanne or a Michelle, and that I’m not divorced.

Dawn 26-9 p6

Lucidity is diminishing…

Dawn 26-9 p7

More odious fiction

Dawn 26-9 p8

Sigh. Reality has been left a long way in the distance.

Dawn 26-9 p9


Dawn 26-9 p10

Dawn 26-9 p11

Dawn 26-9 p12

Dawn 26-9 p13

Dawn 26-9 p14

Dawn 26-9 p15

Tonight’s sallies from cuckoo-land Brendan Moyle Sep 22

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Some more missives from Dawn’s tumblr blog.  Many of the key-phrases she uses are commonly applied to me. It’s  likely she’s found some other poor sod on tumblr she thinks is a front of mine. Some attempts at suasion going on to abandon my “covert, cryptic life” sic.  Which is that I’m not really a married, very busy conservationist and academic (& atheist). That I’m really a divorced, unemployed Christian who pretends to be an atheist.


This shows up more of the odious elements of her fantasy. My marriage, my fidelity; it’s all asserted to be a fiction. That I’m really beset by various vices. And it concludes with another common ploy. That others find her attractive. This comes up regularly, nearly always aimed at me.

Plus here’s a different take on tonight’s posts from Renee Hendricks blog at some of the hypocrisy.

Another 24 hours, and more threats Brendan Moyle Sep 22

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This time (from her tumblr blog), God has told her to inform on me to Massey and the “Education Department of New Zealand”

In this version of events, she got God to fire me from Massey but I’ve been allowed to use my email account even so. Which by circulating her emails to me, to others caught in her fantasy, is something that God doesn’t approve of.

By mixing me up with several other people on the internet, well, that’s why my current photos can’t be of me.  But it’s getting hard keeping track of all the inventions and explanations she uses to escape reality though.

Got to say though, I find the hate- and revenge- part of the attention cycle less creepy than the love- part of the cycle.

Not going to turn down the chance here. Brendan Moyle Sep 21

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Some days there's nothing much to photography. Find a spot. Set up a tripod. Attach the lens to the tripod. Aim at the target. Then sit and wait.

These are actually low light shots, so the shutter speed is low and the ISO is high. It's one of those subjects where having a digital SLR works for the photographer.

The subject is that ubiquitous introduced NZ garden bird- the sparrow Passer domesticus. They may not be the most exciting bird in terms of colours, but well, the little groups that hang around gardens are interesting to watch. It's always a bit comedic seeing some large fledged juvenile, going all quivery and begging food from its harassed looking parents. Oh, and the quiver. That's the origin of the name sparrow- from the Gothic sparwa. It means to flutter or quiver.

Call for legal trade in rhino horn to be debated Brendan Moyle Sep 21

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I spotted this piece by conservationist Dr Ian Player yesterday on the rhino poaching issue.
Daily News

Rhino species in Africa have undergone a precipitous decline in the last century. Cunningham and Berger[1] note that around 1900 there were perhaps 100,000 black rhinos in Africa. By 1960 it was 60,000. By the 80s it was extinct in Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. The continent had 3,500 left. In 1993, Zimbabwe revised down its extimated population of 2000 animals (1991) to 250.

While white rhinos have done a little better, Southern Africa is undergoing a resurgent poaching problem. In 2010, 333 rhinos were killed. By September this year 285 have already been killed.

Like many other charismatic species (like tigers), decades-old efforts to deter poaching have failed. This has prompted Player to suggest we should start debating the legal trade issue again. This is a brave step to take, as often in the conservation-world, suggesting we debate the feasibility of market-policies against poachers, means the person is in favour of carte blanche open-trade.

The reality is we have a policy based entirely around law-enforcement that is failing. And we have people refuse to debate whether legal trade could deter poaching. Again, I don't know whether the trade mechanism Player suggests (using horns from rhinos that have died naturally) will be effective.

What concerns me more is that so many conservationists refuse to debate these issues
. Poaching syndicates have become sophisticated, violent, international criminal organisations. They're branched out into other markets. Rangers risk their lives to try to stop poachers. Yet so many people have decided that trade somehow will fuel demand or that Asian consumers base their purchase decision on whether Western conservationists approve of the market. There are some good reasons why trade could fail. But there are a lot of bad reasons that have become part of conservationist-folklore that do need better scrutiny.

[1] Cunningham, C. and Berger, J. (1997). Horn of Darkness: Rhinos on the Edge. Oxford University Press, New York, Oxford.

Today’s Macro Photo Brendan Moyle Sep 20

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The jumping-spiders (Salticidae)are a family of spiders with exceptional eye-sight. This is indicated by the large median eyes on the edge of the carapace. As active hunters, this family does not use webs to snare prey. This is in part why they have the such small opithosomas (abdomens, or the body-part at the back). Selection pressure has led to the evolution of strong front legs, often with auxiliary spines to grip their prey in a tight grip.

No Salticids however, are known to be dangerous to people. This shot is of our native Trite planiceps, and the spider is a male.

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You can’t keep the crazy down Brendan Moyle Sep 19


Readers with long attention-spans will know that I acquired a female stalker (Dawn Gordon) last year. The depth and strength of her attachment has been sustained. Unlike the notorious David Mabus (who demonstrated that in Canada, you apparently have a license to threaten scientists and skeptics with death for years; but not if you issue that same threat against a member of Canada’s fine law enforcement agencies) who had a scatter-approach to stalking, Dawn is very focused on a very small group of people on the net.

Dawn is also from Canada by the way.

The overall problem is that she thinks these other people are either me, or someone close to me. For months, a 30 yr old woman in Indonesia (who has a penchant for love poetry) has been bombarded with messages on her blog. All of these are under the delusion that Dawn is talking to me, and the poems had secret messages to her.

She churns through Tumblr blogs, where at one stage I think she believed that 60 different bloggers on Tumblr were me.  The abuse she rains down on such people tend to have her accounts terminated. She was for almost a year, banned from Twitter.

A couple of weeks ago, she was bombarding NZ mental-health websites with messages about the problems I was supposed to be having.  I’m guessing they deduced the ‘crazy’ fairly quickly, because well, her complaints weren’t actioned.

Click for larger version

Click for larger version

The cycle of contact seems to have two basic phases. The hate-cycle where she promises she’ll destroy my life, and threatens me with punishment from God. She already believes this has worked, as I’m alleged to have lost my employment many months ago at Massey.  My status as a member of staff on the Massey website is wished away as a fabrication.

The other phase is all about desire.  She messaged the Indonesian blogger that she was still in love, thinking of leaving her husband, and still masturbating about me.

Illustrative of this is this blog-post she made in November last year.

It would seem that one of the problems with the just block-and-ignore approach, is that in the internet-era, is it’s more difficult to break contact. Dawn’s stalking has been sustained by the belief that lots of people are in fact me. Or someone very close to me. This is symptomatic of her deteriorating mental health.

Her delusions have led her to target many other people on the web, and there’s now a very good webpage cataloguing her posts: followingfawnhordon

A petition has also been started to get her  assistance from health-authorities in Canada.

Tonight’s Macro Photo Brendan Moyle Sep 16

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One of the home gardener's favourite beetles

Some scenes from Hun-Chun Brendan Moyle Sep 14

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I was at a tiger conference in Hun-Chun (Jilin province) late last year. This is part of China that borders the Russian Far-East and North Korea and the area is sufficiently isolated, it's home to many of China's Amur tigers (or as is more commonly referred to in some parts of the West, the Siberian tiger).

One thing that quickly strikes you as you travel through China, is that it is a lot more diverse than people often think. Hun-Chun was a good illustration of that. The place was still too small to merit its own airport- we flew to Yanji and then had to drive to reach the place. Some of my fellow conference attendees remarked that customs in Beijing were bewildered when they were told where we were going. They'd never heard of the place. Still, we seemed to convince them it was a real place in China. I made up the name of some fictional hotel on my entry card. This was one of those kind of spontaneous trips where nobody actually told us where we were staying. The plan was just to fly to some remote part of China and see what happened next.

Hun-Chun turns out to have its own native Russian and Korean populations. So unlike say Hekeu where all the signs were in Chinese and Vietnamese, Hun-Chun was a very tri-lingual place:

My Hotel

The hotel's name was described in three languages- Korean, Chinese and Cyrillic. I guess that's also a good indication that tourists from the English-speaking world have yet to find it too.

This guy had a folding bicycle- helmet laws for cyclists seem non-existent in China.

Not entirely sure about this scene. The man is transporting two large dogs, one of which was definitely enjoying the ride.

I have a nagging feeling though that these may not be pets, but food.