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September is supposed to be the start of spring in NZ. And one of the symptoms of that is the appearance of tuis, a native nectivorous bird. These have a very conspicuous song.

Now that the warmer weather is starting to cause some trees to blossom, the tuis are off foraging.

While the birds are quite common in places, they're still a bit tricky to photograph. They hop rapidly between flowers, often behind a mesh of branches and twigs. They're easily skylined with their dark feathers so it's easy to lose detail if your photographing them against the sky.

Anyway, here's the result of my first venture this weekend. The beak of this bird is covered in pollen.

Link to larger image

With the number of intervening branches, I just focused on part of the bird for this shot. A touch of flash was added to highlight the detail and prevent the bird being 'silhouetted' against the sky.