One thing I've come to both love and hate about digital photography, is the time spent in front of a computer. The love thing is well, it's so easy to implement fixes or get creative with the image. But on the other hand, I take a lot more pictures and spend a lot more time in front of the computer.

I still have my Dynax 7's and a bunch of Kodak Portra (very nice film by the way). But it's still hard getting the motivation to use these cameras instead of the digital.

I'm pondering that it might be nice to actually go back to photographing weddings with film. The idea of just dropping off the film to be developed rather than playing about with the images on a PC is…well, kind of appealing. And film could make a nice point of difference to a wedding. The colour fidelity and grain of film is kind of artistic in a way that digital still doesn't match.

So, any thoughts out there? Is the motive to keep photographing with film being sustained or slowly dropping off. Would you be brave enough these days to shoot a major event just with film?