Here’s a snapshot into a fairly typical 24 hours of blogging by Dawn. Just remember people, this woman is also responsible for the care of a pre-school child.

She starts by listing a set of traits she attributes to me. Most are patent fictions.


I think she’s discovered a childrens’ book (or set thereof) that she’s convinced I’m partly responsible for. It’s a sign from GOD after all.

Dawn 26-9 p2

Now it’s on to her pretend-campaign as a lawyer.  She decided long ago that Greg Moyle (local Auckland politician) is related to me.  This has led to emails also directed at the NZ Financial Planners.

Dawn 26-9 p3

Susanne is one of her original stalking targets. Gosh, it has been about 14 months since Dawn began harassing me.

Dawn 26-9 p4

The threats never stop

Dawn 26-9 p5

Another invention is that I have been married to a Michelle (since divorced).  This led to a Michelle in NZ being deluged with a stream of emails advising her. These emails were forwarded to me.

It is a matter of public record in NZ that I haven’t been married to either a Susanne or a Michelle, and that I’m not divorced.

Dawn 26-9 p6

Lucidity is diminishing…

Dawn 26-9 p7

More odious fiction

Dawn 26-9 p8

Sigh. Reality has been left a long way in the distance.

Dawn 26-9 p9


Dawn 26-9 p10

Dawn 26-9 p11

Dawn 26-9 p12

Dawn 26-9 p13

Dawn 26-9 p14

Dawn 26-9 p15