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Well it's a challenge when mired in grading to think about blog posts. Or photography. Mostly coffee seems to be near the top of my wish list…

Well, I've done a major revamp of my photography website, so if crocodiles are your thing, stop by and let me know how it looks. If that doesn't appeal there are also fluffy ducklings. Mostly I've gone from having a light background to dark to hopefully, make the photos look more appealing.

I'm still dabbling with the NEX-5 mirrorless camera. I'm finding the system to be very appealing. The combination of compactness and image quality is a potent mix.

Nonetheless, I won't be selling my SLR gear for a number of reasons. I take a lot of macro photographs and a lot of wildlife. The flash system of the NEX-5 is rather inadequate for macro photography. It's a bit of a shame as the manual focusing system is very very good. The wildlife and bird photography- well, the NEX system lacks the long telephotos for this kind of work and the autofocus system is just too slow.