Having made the move to a new place, with a bit of native bush around, the weekend was spent doing a lot of outside tasks. One of those was to just clear the bush area directly around the house of rubbish. We'd spotted some bottles in there, and well, it seemed prudent to not have them there. The kids do enjoy a bit of exploring or playing there.

What I thought was going to be a quick job picking up some bottles, ended up being a major exercise in trash removal. Someone a bit further up the ridge, had a rather filthy approach to garbage disposal. By the time I finished three full trash bags of garbage had been cleared.

The trash including cutlery, ice-cream containers, three pairs of rotting underpants(!) and the usual suspects of coke and beer bottles and chip packets. I of course, am loath to generalise but it seems the perpetrators had a fondness for cask wine, Coruba rum and coke drinks, and corona beer.

So what was an idyllic area of kauri, nikau and other bush, where tuis and kereru were common, was reduced to someone's trash dump. I don't understand the laziness and temperament that would prompt someone to toss these into a bush area, rather than a rubbish bag.