This is a fascinating story from Korea, where a restoration project for the tiger is underway. Historically the Siberian tiger had an extensive range that included the Korean peninsular. Like most of the other subspecies, the Siberian tiger has gone from most of its former range. In fact, it had dwindled to critically low levels in Russia int he mid-20th C and it was migration of Siberian tigers from China back into the Russian Far East that helped repopulate it.

Part of the range also included the Korean peninsular. While we've know that the Siberian tiger isn't found in South Korea, there were optimistic rumours that a few may have persisted in North Korea. It was just that nobody could find a way to do a survey in North Korea. But that faint hope has died as conditions in North Korea leaked out.

Now the Korea Times is announcing the release of two Siberian tigers (donated by China) in a purpose built reserve (Baekdu-daegan arboretum). Well, at least they're announcing plans to release two Siberian tigers by 2014 :). The intention is to expand this reserve to a point where 30 tigers can be sustained.