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After my seminar on Friday at Otago University, I squeezed in a quick trip to the Otago Peninsular on Saturday before the flight left. This was hosted by a charming and friendly colleague from Otago, who shares my interest in things wild and natural.

It's always a challenge wondering how much camera gear to bring on such expeditions, especially with the vagaries of domestic air-travel. I opted not to weight myself down. My main gear was a DSLR with a (carbn-fibre) monopod, and a 300mm prime + 1.4x TC. I figured (or hoped) we'd see mostly birds so the reach would be ideal. Plus this is still a combination I can work with hand-held. There's no acute need to be carrying tripods.

I pondered the second camera option- do I take a lens for some scenic work- if I did, should I take another DSLR to avoid switching lenses? But what I decided was I'd take my NEX-5 instead. I've been pretty impressed with it to date- it's compact yet produces some very nice images (the big sensor helps immensely).

So out on Sandfly Bay on Saturday morning I relied upon the NEX-5 as my wide-angle. I even shot- which I don't usually do- in jpeg format with the camera. And once again, the camera didn't disappoint.