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The unpalatable fact about wildlife poaching of many charismatic species is we have been unable to reduce it to levels that are safe. While tigers are a tragic example of this, I usually regard Russian Far East as a relatively secure region.

Nonetheless, as this recent story from Russia shows they're not immune.

Four tigers have been killed in just a two week period. A Chinese women smuggler was caught with 3 leg bones in her possession. The discovery of the leg bones is not surprising. The fact is that it is the humerus of the tiger that is regarded as most potent for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Typically seizures at the moment in the Russian Far East and adjacent provinces in China are of small quantities (3-6 pieces) of bone. This at least is some evidence that enforcement is having an effect on poachers and smugglers. The typical response to high interdiction risks is to reduce shipment size to become more cryptic.