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From the usually well researched Economist magazine we have:

"Long prized in South-East Asia for its supposed medicinal and aphrodisiac vim, rhino horn is now being peddled as a cure for cancer too."

Please just stop peddling this baseless myth that rhino horn is an aphrodisiac. Nowhere in Traditional Chinese Medicine is rhino-horn recommended as an impotence solution.

It is used in traditional medicines as a cardiotonic or antipyretic [1]. This is actually a documented pharmacological effect. It may not be on par with Western medicinal alternatives but there is some medicinal value to rhino horn. You're not going to convince the traditional medicine community in Asia to take your claims seriously if you don't know these medicinal effects.

Rhinos are not being poached because of impotent Asian men wanting a cure. It is seriously counter-productive to propagate this myth. If you want to develop demand-reduction strategies, going after people who aren't using it is an utter waste of energy and resources.

[1] Mainka, S.A. and Mills, J. (1995). Wildlife and Traditional Chinese Medicine- Supply and Demand for Wildlife Species. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 26(2): 193-200.