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One of the most frustrating things about being the target of a stalker is the double standards that are applied. If a middle-aged woman opts to stalk a guy this is often the subject of humour. Think of Patty and Selma on 'The Simpsons'. I still get the 'you must be flattered' kind of reactions from some. On the other hand, if a middle-aged guy stalked a woman would we make that the subject of comedy? Would we tell the woman-victim that she shouldn't be concerned but rather flattered? No, we'd recognise this situation as inherently sinister.

In reality, there is no evidence that the male victims of female-stalkers are any less harmed from this attention. There's a range of common physical symptoms (insomnia, elevated anxiety) through to psychological (lack of trust, panic attacks).

This double standard applies in other areas as well. My stalker is still at it- even if at a diminished level- but she's still finding new social media outlet to launch her harassment. And despite all the evidence around her; that she's already been suspended or expelled from numerous sites for stalking, that people have filed police reports against her for stalking, she still believes she's the victim. So she find a new identity and then spews forth her claims of being a victim, being stalked by people who are keeping us apart. And some people believe her (initially).

If you're a woman and claim you've been stalked, people are inclined to believe you. If you're a guy, you're much more likely to get "what, are you serious?". People tend not to believe you. It's really getting to me.