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Exploring the bush for spiders (and other creep-crawlies at night) can be a hit and miss affair. Your vision is rather limited. I use a head lamp but this is a compromise. If you use too strong a headlamp the light will spook more creatures. If the lamp is too weak, you can't see as much.

Often the web-builders are easier to see, because webs will reflect light back to you, showing evidence of the spider. For the ground-hunters, the odds of seeing them drop away quickly. Not only do you lack the tell-tale sign of a web, but they're more active spiders and more likely to be spooked by vibrations or light.

I spotted this gnaphosid spider however on the side of a tree trunk, then set up the gear to get some pics. This is actually a widely spread family of spiders and a common inhabitant of native bush. It doesn't mean it's any asier to spot at night however :)