I’ve had a passion about wildlife for a very long time and this motivated getting qualifications in zoology and economics. The economics comes from a simple realisation. Most causes of wildlife loss are ultimately economic in nature. Threats like habitat loss and poaching are fundamentally economic in nature. Of late I’ve been focused more on issues of wildlife poaching.

When I started out as a zoologist, I had a fascination with some of our smallest arachnids- the falsescorpions. Since then I’ve moved on to various crocodilians, and more recently, tigers. This can take me to smuggling ‘hotspots’, where avoiding getting eaten by large carnivores, bitten by small venomous reptiles, shot at by smugglers seem to be important skills… Gosh, sometimes I miss falsescorpions.

Like many other conservationists, I’ve also developed a keen interest in wildlife photography.

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