The Compact Traveller: 2014 version Brendan Moyle Dec 05

On Monday I’m flying out to Kenya, for a workshop on ivory economics.  This is to contribute to a study being supported by the World Bank on the dimensions and drivers of this traffic.  Hopefully I can elaborate more when I get back. The constraint this time is that the last leg of the flight [...]

Avian Monday Brendan Moyle Nov 17

The balancing act of research, family and blogging has taken a bit of a hit on the blogging side.  Nonetheless, on the research side I’ll be heading to Kenya in mid-December for some ivory-related business. So, lets take a turn from grading exams and writing papers to look at some local wildlife. These pictures are [...]

Water everywhere Brendan Moyle Nov 09

Originally posted at my photo website Once exams finished I headed off the Napier to visit my parents (and other family there).  Sadly my parents are not as well as they used to be. I wanted to see them while I had the chance to get away from work.  In theory I’m going to [...]

Where is the poached ivory going? Brendan Moyle Nov 03

One of the enduring questions we have with respect to the black-market in ivory, is where the raw ivory is going.  The somewhat glib answer is that it is being churned into carvings to be sold to East Asian (i.e. mostly Chinese) buyers.  This is regarded as glib as to date, evidence of this eruption [...]

Local weather, local beach Brendan Moyle Nov 02

On Friday I decided to take a side excursion to Waiake Beach on the way to work.  The weather wasn’t picture perfect, but I wanted to take some photos before hitting the office.  These were very low angle shots, using Rangitoto Island in the background.  I wanted to try some ideas out with the tripod [...]

On the Otago Peninsula Brendan Moyle Oct 26

I visited Dunedin on Friday and Saturday this week.  Friday was the very academic part of the trip.  I presented a seminar at the University of Otago on the elephant-ivory black-market.  One showed how shipping costs, African instability and interest rates affected poaching and smuggling levels.  The other was a paper I hope to submit [...]

To Dunedin! On an ivory quest! Brendan Moyle Oct 22

Well, not exactly.   But on Friday, I will be at Otago University and giving a seminar on ivory black markets.  One topic I’m going to highlight is whether the legal factories in China (all 37 of them) are a significant source of illegal carvings. The production problem is usually glibly ignored or assumed away. [...]

Lost at sea: Impressions of Leonardo’s Sailors Brendan Moyle Oct 13

One day someone might write a useful review of the economics of wildlife trade.  Nadal and Aguayo’s “Leonardo’s Sailors” is simply not it.  The tragedy is that an opportunity has been squandered.  Economic models of wildlife trade and poaching have lagged behind policy issues.  They are simplistic. As yet they offer only limited guidance on [...]

Ivory- it’s a business Brendan Moyle Oct 02

The first of the papers I’ve written on the illegal trade in ivory has appeared.  It’s in the journal Ecological Economics. This is some research informed by work in China but also from data outside there.  It’s about some of the macro-drivers of poaching and partly explains why poaching did surge after 2009. One of [...]

Excellent elephant conservation blog by Daniel Stiles Brendan Moyle Sep 16

Long-time elephant conservationist Daniel Stiles has an excellent blog at National Geographic on elephant conservation and the ivory trade.  I think everybody who is concerned with conservation policy and elephants should read it. On the 80′s poaching crisis- Tragically, the rising calls for an ivory trade ban increased poaching because East Asian dealers and factories [...]

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