Photography with Kodak Ektar Brendan Moyle Jul 11

It is becoming a challenge to keep up the film photography, so last month aI made a concerted effort to get through one roll at least.  This was also my first chance to shoot with the Kodak Ektar 100 film.  This is reputed to scan well and …

A winter visit to Waterfall Gully Brendan Moyle Jun 29

Youngest child had a ‘thing’ on the Whangaparoa Peninsular on Saturday morning.  So we ventured north at a pre-dawn hour to get him there in time.  While he was engaged, I made a side trip to Shakespear Regional Park (yes, Shakespear is spe…

Into the Black- Part 2 Brendan Moyle Jun 27

There is this odd belief that doing an economic study on an illegal wildlife market means just collecting a lot of prices.  This isn’t really as informative as you’d hope, especially when prices show a big spread.  The noise outweighs the signal. So, if we want to drill down deeper into the illegal market, what [...]

Into the Black- The Chinese Illegal Ivory Market Brendan Moyle Jun 26

One of the most important black-markets for ivory is now in China.  This creates a bit of a problem.  China is big, it is a really big country.  And it isn’t as open as most Western countries.  So doing research there can quickly get mired in political obstacles. Or logistical. So even after several years [...]

Elephant poaching in decline Brendan Moyle Jun 25

Ahead of the Standing Committee CITES meeting in July, a number of documents have been circulated.  One is SC65-42-01 .  This is the report on the status of elephants, poaching levels and illegal trade. One of the monitoring mechanism for African Elephants is PIKE.  This uses several indicator-sites through African range states to estimate the [...]

It’s been raining Brendan Moyle Jun 23

It still is. But I needed to photograph something this weekend.  I’ve been head down, working on a lot of research projects of late, and the time to get out and decompress has been hard to find.

Fortunately, one of the things that thrives in w…

Photography fun Brendan Moyle Jun 05

The weather on the long weekend was rather glorious, and my daughter wanted to take some photos around the Auckland Museum.  So off we went on Sunday morning.  It was a good few hours. While photography is often a solitary affair, just wand…

The deadly ivory trade Brendan Moyle May 30

While I guess my lack of blogging of late, has been noticeable, I’ve been able to push ahead with a lot more research write-ups. And this has largely all been about the illegal ivory, especially the Chinese end. The big conservation problem is that elephant numbers in the late 200os started to shrink as poaching [...]

Monday night spiders Brendan Moyle May 20

Well, I seem to have got off on a classic Minolta lens binge at the moment.  Minolta made the first popular auto-focus camera back in 1985, with the Maxxum (or Dynax) 7000.  This was followed by a series of new AF lenses for this mount.&nbs…

Back to Pohuehue Brendan Moyle May 17

It seems I’ve had too many ‘blue days’ of late, so I opted to take another break up north again.  There were some scenes I wanted to take pictures of again, and some other areas I wanted to scout out.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do wit…

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