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Tuesday #Travel – The beat goes on Brendan Moyle Oct 23

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This shot was from Jilin in Northern China. Jilin is one of the tiger-smuggling hot spots within China, which is really just a product of its geography. It has a border with the Russian Far East (and includes a relic population of Amur or Siberian tigers).

On one evening we went 'cultural' and part of the performance was these traditional Chinese drummers.

Drummers from the HunChun Tiger Festival Brendan Moyle May 12

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A more traditional performance by women drummers at the tiger festival from last year

These are parts of efforts to celebrate the presence of tigers in the Jilin province and sustain support for their conservation.

Photos taken with a700 and 70-200/2.8 G lens.

Some more photos from Hunchun Brendan Moyle Nov 25

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Part of the Siberian tiger conference in Hunchun included a trip out to look at some of the reserves in the area. Hunchun is in an area of China bound by Russia, North Korea and the Sea of Japan. It’s relatively rugged ground- and still has lots of forests and mountains.

The area has 4 tiger reserves and the intention is to develop and enlarge these, and connect them to similar reserves in Russia.

I suspect there is still a lot of work to do, as there were few signs of abundant small prey available in these reserves. The closest we got to an actual tiger was this sign here:

Part of trying to get a cultural shift to support tiger conservation in the region is a Siberian Tiger festival. This incorporated performers doing traditional drumming acts.

And of course, some not so traditional performances.