Seralini herbicides and adjuvants Grant Jacobs Feb 22

Gilles-Éric Séralini is best known for a research paper testing rats on GM feed and Roundup that was widely panned by the scientific community and eventually retracted.[1] He has also tried to argue that it is other factors in Roundup (adjuvants) that causes toxicity, not the active ingredient glyphosate and that this calls for regulatory [...]

Food and genetic modification: better informed policy and legislation wanted Grant Jacobs Feb 16

Below is a lightly-edited copy of an op-ed related to the Food Matters Aotearoa event at Te Papa this weekend. As it’s not being used by the newspaper, I’ve put it here. I’ve added a few thoughts about Steffan Browning’s press release at the end. —–=+=—– Op-ed draft Policy needs to be well informed by [...]

What motivated you to study science? Grant Jacobs Feb 12

Hanseul Nam “wants to study degenerative brain disorders after watching her grandfather “fade away little by little””. She also tells of her earlier Year 3 science project – We were meant to do something on ecosystems but we got sidetracked when we found a snail. It became the class pet but he died. We had [...]

Dear reader we admire your perseverance Grant Jacobs Feb 10

Originally seen on twitter  is this ‘easter egg’ in a research paper – You’ll see it’s not the last page, but page 29 of 44. Yes, there is a lot of it. The paper in question is An Atlas of Genetic Correlations across Human Diseases and Traits by Bulik-Sullivan; it’s currently a bioRxiv preprint (I obtained [...]

Better discussion of GMOs in NZ needed and the Food Matters Aotearoa line-up Grant Jacobs Feb 06

(I’ve since posted an op-ed and brief comments on a press release. This is more concise and likely better suits most readers.) On Tuesday I was told of a conference in New Zealand featuring Gilles-Éric Séralini, whose most (in)famous and widely criticised publication I have previously written about on two occasions. This research was widely panned for it’s [...]

Apple should make installer for OS X Mavericks available Grant Jacobs Jan 19

Apple – you’re leaving some of your users stranded. When Apple released the latest version of OS X—Yosemite—they removed the previous version of the operating system from App Store. Some suggest this might be because the hardware requirements for Mavericks and Yosemite are the same, and that users “should” favour the newer version. However this [...]

On the subject of beer and scholarship Grant Jacobs Jan 12

I would say this is inspired by Karl Safi’s guest post on his homebrewing efforts, but in truth distracted by would be more accurate. You know that word association thing? Beer + scholarship reminds me of Emerson’s.* I’m doomed, right?

If your Mac OS X web browsers constantly stall and a Cisco VPN client is installed Grant Jacobs Jan 11

- try uninstalling the Cisco VPN client. If you find that your Mac OS X web browsers are constantly ‘spinning the beachball’ at each scroll or click on a textbox or attempt to type text results in a long pause before anything happens* -

Hyperbole from university press offices Grant Jacobs Dec 11

A newly-released study suggests university press releases are a key source of hyperbole seen in science stories in media, concluding that – Exaggeration in news is strongly associated with exaggeration in press releases. Improving the accuracy of academic press releases could represent a key opportunity for reducing misleading health related news. The study is now [...]

Calling science bloggers Grant Jacobs Dec 02

Ph.D. candidate Paige Brown Jarreau at Louisiana State University is surveying science bloggers about their blogging practices as part of her PhD project in the science of science blogging. Qualifying science blogs can examine “scientific research, science communication, science policy, science in society, science in academia, and/or other science-related concepts or events.” (That should cover just [...]

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