There are many “home” remedies for clearing nasal congestion and sinusitis through cleaning the nasal passages, usually involving passing a saline solution through them, e.g.

Pouring a neti pot

Pouring a neti pot (Image from Science-based Medicine article.)

A recent Cochrane review, Nasal saline irrigations for the symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis, supports use of this technique originating from an ancient Ayurvedic practice. Read the full story at the Science-based Medicine blog. Do take note of the caution that this is likely only to be beneficial in moderation.

Yes, yes, I only put this up to show the photo. It’s fetching, arresting, isn’t it?!

I want to make clear that the reason this ancient practice can be considered valid is that it has been tested, not because it’s “ancient wisdom” or some equally fuzzy notion!