If anyone is keen to contribute to wikipedia, reads science-related blogs, and is not a science blogger, this discussion that might start a little project for you.

wikipedia2It’s been pointed out by @edyong209 that

Wikipedia’s list of science blogs is interesting in its brevity

and indeed it is rather short on content, listing all of 14 entries. I would guess there are at least several hundred individual science blogs.

The links in this category page refer to pages on wikipedia, not the original blog or blog networks. With that in mind, there is a need for the wikipedia pages about the science bloggers or collectives that would be referenced to be created first.

We’d love to see a wikipedia entry for sciblogs.co.nz, and the individual blogs hosted here. It’d be a conflict of interest for us to do this ourselves. We’re happy to fill volunteers in with the details so you don’t have to spend your time searching this site for all the bits n’ bobs. A couple of starter starter articles are listed below:

  • Taranaki Daily News article on sciblogs (I do not write about climate science as this article makes out! Other writers here do, however.)
  • Blurb from launch of sciblogs.co.nz (Several new writers have been added since the initial launch of our collective, so the tally is now more than 26. There is also a Guest Blog slot which is filled with occasional articles from guest writers.)

Anyone keen can reply in the comments below, or contact us privately. Or just go ahead and do it without telling us! It’s not as if we can stop anyone…

I was hoping to attend to this myself by approaching the editors at wikipedia, but it is clear it is too much for this man and his workload; it’s been sitting there undone.

HT’s: To Ed Yong, Bora and others for bringing this to my attention; to my sciblings for their discussion on this issue.

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