A homeopath claims to have prescribed homeopathic ’remedies’ to babies with ’acute illnesses’ on the TradeMe ’Health and Beauty’ discussion board.

Let’s start back at the beginning.

Unfamiliar with the patient or the disease, our writer–a homeopath–recommends homeopathy:

ITP – idiopathic thrombocyteopenia purpura

Hi just wondering if anyone else suffers from this and if so what treatment has worked and other stories would be much appreciated. I have suffered from this for the past 8 months and don’t seem to be improving.

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mac274 (14 )  6:52 pm, Sun 18 Apr #1

All I know is some vaccines have been known to cause it. Like the MeNZB shot….definitely caused some cases of it.

Doctors call it “idiopathic” which means they don’t know the cause, but if you’d been vaccinated recently that could be a cause.

I did know a young woman who got it from her cancer drugs. It is a pretty serious condition, kind of like chronic anemia…. not good.

If I was in your shoes I would start looking at homeopathy, because conventional medicine has little to offer. That woman I knew found certain vitamins and minerals very helpful.

But homeopathy can be very powerful with this kind of thing sometimes. No guarantees, but could be worth a shot.

parahergest (17 )  9:24 pm, Sun 18 Apr #2

(Asking for medical advice via the internet is always dodgy, but at least some of those replying to the original question are offering what appears to be sensible advice in particular suggesting that the person refer to a specialist.)

Our homeopath soldiers on, claiming that they personally have elected to treat babies with ’acute illnesses’ using homeopathic ’remedies’:

Yeah, for a lot of people homeopathy is too far out. I guess because I am really into the idea that things contain energy on a atomic level, and that I believe conventional science has yet to discover all the laws that govern the physical universe I can be open to things like homeopathy with it’s “like cures like” postulate.

Anyway, I have cured babies of acute illnesses with homeopathy, and seen it drop a fever by half a degree within minutes, so I can’t believe it is just placebo.

It’s irresponsible to encourage people to turn to homeopathy for serious illnesses, never mind infants. (Or for any illness at any age, really.)

A few quick thoughts, skipping over some points to keep this short’n’sweet:

Our homeopath doesn’t appear to need any diagnostic information or real knowledge of the disease to make a recommendation! (They say they basically know nothing about it themself.) That ought to ring alarm bells. Loud ones.

They dismiss conventional medicine out-of-hand as having little (read: nothing) to offer, even though conventional medicine does have treatments to offer, as others writing there point out.

To excuse the lack of evidence for homeopathy they try dismiss all science, the whole lot!

It’s not ’about’ a lack of understanding of homeopathy by science, it’s about that these ’remedies’ contain none of the active ingredients they list. They’ve all been diluted out.

In any event, if homeopaths really wanted to push their case, it’s for them to show that homeopathy is effective for a condition under controlled studies, not ask that others ’understand’ something, never minding that the something concerned is mythical and so could never be ’understood’.

As for making loud claims that they can treat ’babies of acute illnesses’ using something that cannot work better than placebo (never mind on the basis of anecdote), that’s very disturbing.

It’s what prompted me to write this.

Think about it.

In order to make the claim this homeopath has made, at some time s/he must have tried to ’treat’ babies with–in their words–’acute illnesses’ using homeopathic ’remedies’, which are water solutions or sugar pills.

I don’t know about my readers, but this is appalling.


I am reminded of a call to have alternative ’medical’ practitioners registered in response to a shocking story of an iridologist and treatment of a skin cancer the invaded a patient’s skull, so that it might limit what they do (and claim).

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