Submissions close in just a few days, on May 17th. PDF and Word copies of the consultation paper are available on-line.

The Ministry of Health list the key elements of the consulting paper as:

  • product approval, based on notification of products on a database
  • recognition of the decisions of trusted overseas regulators, where appropriate
  • a list of prohibited ingredients
  • a list of permitted ingredients and a process for adding new ingredients
  • a list of permitted low-level natural health products claims
  • labelling requirements
  • advertising rules
  • export certification, where it would assist companies to access overseas markets
  • a tailor-made manufacturing code of practice

Instructions for submissions and related information are available on the MOH website. (You can email your submission to email to , which is probably the likely approach for most of us.)

I’m a little too busy (an huge understatement) to scour the internet widely for other views on this, but as a quick starter list,

I have to admit I’m a bit frustrated that I didn’t hear of this sooner, but I hope even at this late stage some may find time to contribute.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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