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Today’s Otago Daily Times runs with a feature story that the University of Otago is to limit enrolments to first year courses in a two-tier fashion next year. Some might recall this is the opposite of a previous decision by the University Council that there will be no limitations on first-year enrolments at the University of Otago next year (Dec 2009). This comes with other tightening measures mentioned in the latter article.

Full details are not available, but the basic idea is to provide unrestricted entry to well-qualified students (i.e. those with good marks at high school) with the remainder of applicants to run the gauntlet, as it were.

A side effect of this – at least in principle – is that ’merely passing’ year 13 will not necessarily be enough to claim a spot at the University of Otago.

There is an interesting detail here: the entry qualifications will be based on year 12 qualifications, not year 13, as the latter arrive too late to be considered. High school teachers and prospective university students may wish to take note of this.

It will be interesting to hear how they intend to process the non direct-entry students and what factors they will consider, if any.

What are your thoughts on limiting entries?

Those from overseas are welcome to chip in too: comparing notes is always interesting!

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