Some readers may recall that some time ago I wrote about Simon Singh being sued by the British Chiropractors’ Association. Simon Singh and Professor Ernst are author of a book, Trick or Treatment, which presents the background and evidence, or rather lack of it, for a number of suspect therapeutic practices including acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic. This case, among others, has sparked a demand for libel reform in England.

Those interested in this legal case or ’natural’ remedies, might like to learn that chapter 4, The Truth About Chiropractic Therapy, is available free on-line (click on the book icon to start the presentation).

There’s 50 pages of reading there for you! Judging by the ’temp’ in the URL, this is available only temporarily.*

You’ll need a fairly large screen in order to read it clearly. It’s not particularly clear on my  laptop, which has a approx. 13″ screen, but it is fine on the desktop machine. (My impression is that the issue is more that the fonts presented in Flash are poorly anti-aliased, if at all, than the small size of the text.)


* I haven’t been able to locate details, I’m short on time to keep looking. Sorry about that.

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