I did say that I would be unlikely to write over the next little while, but let me share with you this video, partly because it relates to the cartoon in my last post.

In it Richard Feynman’s daughter, Michelle, introduces British documentarian Richard Sykes who recorded three documentaries of Richard Feynman. Sykes, in turn, introduces a short series of clips of Richard Feynman from his documentaries.

If the introductions and background don’t appeal–you’re in a hurry and want to skip straight to hearing the man speak–skip to about 6:30 into the video. In his first clip Feynman talks about how an artist friend objects to him analysing everything, the very point made in the cartoon I showed in my last post.

There’s more to hear from him in this video. These might particularly appeal to non-scientists,* hence why I’m showing it. Anyway, here! –

YouTube Preview Image

* There are a few other clips I like myself, that can be found by hunting around YouTube. One of them is The Rules of Chess. It’s great analogy of research, with the catch that I suspect you appreciate best if you happen to know the actual rules of chess:

YouTube Preview Image