I’d only just added a comment to my previous post noting PZ Myer’s article about ’a prestigious national magazine’ buying out scienceblogs.com, without naming the magazine, when Ivan Oransky of Retraction Watch fame tweeted his scoop (forwarded by Bora – thanks):


So who bought Scienceblogs? Retraction Watch exclusive: National Geographic http://bit.ly/h4l0eR

Scienceblogs.com has been the scene of a lot of activity over the last year or two. I even commented at one point that it might have become something less to aspire to. (PepsiCoGate resulted in many bloggers leaving, starting other science blogging networks such as scientopia.org or Occam’s Typewriter among others.)

I personally wonder how this ‘fit’ will work, assuming for a moment that Ivan’s confidence is well-placed. National Geographic, to me, has a ‘family’ image, veering on the staid side.

For example, the comments on PZ Myer’s blog, Pharyngula, might be more robust (shall we say) than they might like for their image – ? (PZ has said in his article that the buyer is comfortable with the content of his articles.)

Anyway, it’s news and it’ll be interesting to watch.

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