Just a quick note to say that this event is already live streaming and running; click on the video to start the streaming. Captions are available (I’ve yet to test this).

For those not familiar the event, TEDx meetings are independently-organised local counterparts to the famous annual TED lectures held in California, aiming to offer ’ideas worth spreading’.

This meeting is focused on ideas for rebuilding Christchurch (my hometown). The programme is available on-line; click on the speakers’s name for more details of each speaker and their presentation. Each speakers’ page has a space the bottom for comments.

If you can keep up with the crazy pace, you can follow twitter comments on the event using the #TEDxEQChCh hashtag.

As I write they are taking lunch break for one hour; if you’re wondering why you’re not seeing much – there’s the reason. Lunch break is now over and they’re should be on-line.

I had hoped this might be in the evening, hence the lack of advance notice – my apologies.

Hopefully the talks will be presented on-line for later viewing; I’ll want to catch them myself!

(Updated to add more introductory material and update the lunch-break situation.)

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