Apparently, when asked by Stephen Colbert on the subject of man-made life ’What makes you think you can do a better job with life and genetics than God?’, Craig Venter replied ’We have computers.’

I’m wondering what bioinformaticians make of that.

We’re the ones with the computers in biology…*

Does this make us gods? :-)

Or, following Colbert’s question more closely, better than gods.**

Should all experimental biologists bow deeply towards the computational biologist’s office upon entering and leaving the lab?

Clearly this is a weekend, this god  is very bored and wants to be amused. Please do indulge.


* Well, mostly.

** Atheist pendants might argue that this doesn’t amount to much. Shush!


In a similar vein, on Larry Moran’s blog, Sandwalk, there is this sound-bite: ’There will be no difficulty in computers being adapted to biology. There will be luddites. But they will be buried.’ – Sydney Brenner. (See ‘Quotations’ on the bottom left.)

And, oh yeah, I have been considering changing my name to The Bioinformatic. This so that CIHR, CathVWXYNot? and her readers might  consider me a deity. Cath Ennis, she of quick wit, must rank high for the truly deistic title of silliest science blogger (see ‘About CathVWXYNot?’ at the end of her posts. In the nicest way, there’s plenty of nonsense over there.