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Calling for submissions: Disability Awareness and the Disabled in the Science Community Grant Jacobs Jul 30


Update: I’m pushing back the date of the disability carnival. More news on this later, but notice this means you’ve still got time to contribute!

Code for life is to host the August edition of the Diversity in Science Blog Carnival, with the theme Disability Awareness and Disabled Workers in the Science Community.

Diversity in Science Blog Carnival

When writing about diversity, people often first consider race, gender or sexuality; the dominant themes of past editions of  Diversity in Science reflect this.

There’s also another: disability.

This is your chance to contribute articles about disabilities and awareness of them in the science community.

Disabilities cover a very wide range of impairments and severity. For the purposes of this carnival, I would like to open it to any form of disability. This is about diversity, after all.

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Seen in Ljubljana, Slovenia Grant Jacobs Jul 19


Walking the streets in Ljubljana, I encountered this shop sign:

(Image copyright Grant Jacobs.)

Clever, with a little science sneaking in. Easy to guess what they sold, too!

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