Update: I’m pushing back the date of the disability carnival. More news on this later, but notice this means you’ve still got time to contribute!

Code for life is to host the August edition of the Diversity in Science Blog Carnival, with the theme Disability Awareness and Disabled Workers in the Science Community.

Diversity in Science Blog Carnival

When writing about diversity, people often first consider race, gender or sexuality; the dominant themes of past editions of  Diversity in Science reflect this.

There’s also another: disability.

This is your chance to contribute articles about disabilities and awareness of them in the science community.

Disabilities cover a very wide range of impairments and severity. For the purposes of this carnival, I would like to open it to any form of disability. This is about diversity, after all.

Submitters should write what they wish but I encourage writers to give a little background if the disability is less widely known and to bring out points that might be less obvious to others. Challenges associated with disabilities often stem from what others take for granted or aren’t aware of.

As a simple (and easily remedied) example, people with a hearing loss can struggle if the person they are trying to listen to is sitting in front of a bright window. The strong backlighting results in the speaker being in shadow and the light blinds the listener from being able to lip-read them.[1]

Some might write on the technical devices or medicines used as aid or for support. Or the science related to a disability.

Others might look at policy or history of a disability.

This is, of course, a science carnival: if you can include elements relevant to a science setting all the better. In the laboratory. At lectures (on both sides of the lectern). Job applications.

But feel free to focus on daily life too. After all we don’t live at the university, research institute or company 24/7!

Submissions can be as long or short as you like; multiple submissions are fine.

Use the submission form hosted on the Minority PostDoc Diversity Bloggers pages. (If you find the captcha you’re facing too challenging, press the recycle button until you get one you’re happy to try.)

Submissions will be open until August 25th – you’ve got three weeks or so to write your masterpiece! I aim to review the articles over that weekend. Late submissions will be tolerated but try let me know so I’m aware of it in advance if you are able to.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. First time comments are moderated; once you’ve had your first comment approved you can comment at will.[2]


1. I have memories of one job interview where I confessed I couldn’t follow the interviewer’s questions because of the bright light coming from the window behind him. He kindly, and in hindsight comically, swopped places – leaving me in the large padded chair behind the big desk with the interviewer asking questions from the little chair in the middle of the room.

2. I would suggest using the Contact page but it has been a casualty of a recent update to the sciblogs backend and isn’t working at present.

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