The Annual Nikon Small World competition is one of my favourite events.

Wonderful shots of tiny things you don’t see in daily life. I’ve included a couple of favourites below. Readers should go to the Nikon site to find their own favourites.

First is these three black mastiff bat embryos:

Dorit Hockman, University of Cambridge

But why is there no reference in the citation to the three wise monkeys?!* -

David Monniaux, 2003. Original source Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 1.0 Generic license.

This I like in part because it’s from something familiar to many, garlic. The photo is of floral primordia.

Dr. Somayeh Naghiloo, University of Tabriz, Iran.


There’s a Question and Answer session with the overall winner, Jennifer Peters, on the Nature Methods blog, Methagora. Jennifer’s photo was of the blood-brain barrier of zebrafish.


Short post today. On top of the usual mess I have a tax return to complete, which naturally enough lowers my mood. I suspect I’m compensating with something ‘happy’!

* The resemblance is striking enough to even make you wonder if these were selected from many, noting that they just happen to resemble the three wise monkey’s poses. They are a staging series, progressing in development. With that in mind it may just be remarkable luck. The resemblance is intriguing either way!